Quick While Still

Katherine Bernhardt, Kadar Brock, Mark Gibson, Matt Jones, John Newsom, Wendy White


This show is curated by Kadar Brock.

October 30 - November 28, 2009

John Newsom
John Newsom
Kadar Brock shadow cache
Kadar Brock, Shadow cache
Katherine Bernhardt
Katherine Bernhardt
Mark Gibson rainbow cave
Mark Gibson, Rainbow cave
Matt Jones aghost
Matt Jones, A ghost
Wendy White
Wendy White

Quick While Still - クイック・ホワイル・スティル







Quick While Still

・To maintain stillness in action: to work from a place, a set up, a foundation or framework within which action can occur

・A set up: an icon or image as a starting place but also a boundary or territory through which one can then express

・Through motion, and the supposed/inherent capabilities of the painting medium, of its handling to convey subjective content, a thought, a feeling, a series of movements

What then is this framing; a person, a shape, a flower, a watch, an animal, a word? Painting becoming each of these things and these things likewise standing as a lens through which to understand paint's physical properties and the physical act of painting. These icons stand as structures through which to situate a place within Painting's inglorious history.

These functions are all reciprocal, with one caveat – the means justifies the ends. It is as much, if not more so, about the how, and not about the what. Indeed the whole of that capital painting could be deemed as falling on a sliding scale between the how and the what, with classical extremes at both ends. Here the choice has been made to navigate through one end to the other, to stack them, and decidedly subjugate the what to the how, knowing full well that a word's effect is ultimately defined by its utterance.

One could separate painting from image, and talk about them as reciprocal entities, each becoming and redefining the other. This is only a way to talk about something, to make sense of this simultaneous fact that is continuous always - a rubbing-up-against one another, a blurring of boundaries, and a mingling of interstices. What is the function of making painting exist as a chameleon, for example? What would be the tree-ness of painting, and vice versa, the painting-ness of tree? How does, for instance, a clock define, no, guide its painting-of, and the reverse, how does the painting-of inform a clock? Can the resultant painting un-define both, giving forth something that is intense and stimulating, and beyond an immediate codification and renunciation? Again, this is the word before language. Again a means justifies an end, and in the end, a beginning.

Quick While Still presents the work of New York based artists Katherine Bernhardt, Kadar Brock, Mark Gibson, Matt Jones, John Newsom, and Wendy White. This is Kadar Brock's curatorial debut.