Jay Davis
Anagrams and Other Dimensions

Friday, March 4th - April 2nd
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Jay Davis
Anagrams and Other Dimensions

"Men are not interested in what is on TV. Men are interested in what else is on TV."

-Jerry Seinfeld

In our rapidly evolving, post-TV age, with internet surfing, video games, mp3s, instant video consumption, etc. all to satisfy our quests for knowledge or entertainment needs, we no longer need to schedule or wait for our favorite TV show; laboriously search for that CD or cassette and song, we can find immediate access to all our virtual desires with a few simple taps and finger slides.

Our new digital age puts everything on the surface for the simple tasks of seeking.

Users turn dubbers re-release every thing as mixes and remixes.

Differing songs get mashed together to create smackdowns or interesting hybrids.

Novel re-writes like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, voice overdubs of children's shows, music, movies, sounds all sampled chopped mixed and forced to a singular plane becomes the outcome for Jay Davis.

Perhaps growing up amidst the cacophony of a videogame arcade where every sense poises on the surface the discordant fugue of sights, sounds, smells and more influenced his multiple layerings that resemble collage but is reminiscent of the palimpsests he creates. All is clamoring for attention, yet some how there emerges coherence in the filters of our readings. Time is eliminated; distance and space are compressed all rhyme and dance on the same plane. Coincidence of dissonance results in accord. We see instead of through rose-colored glasses through information laden stained glass windows. Even visceral and tactile events are recorded that connect to our physicality.
The work becomes high velocity maps of today.

Employing a wide-ranging language of images and references, an intentionally tangled combination of techniques and an open sourced search for imagery I integrate these complexities into simple pictorial genres.

With the depicted images moving in and out of their roles and often occupying multiple genres and spaces, these paintings can become portraits, landscapes, interiors, and abstractions simultaneously.

This, with the use of stylistic and tactile incongruities, paradoxically creates a unified and cohesive space.

As the viewer separates what has been personally inserted into the painting against what has been scripted for them, a formal and individual narrative can be made.

What is offered is a given interaction that reflects both the simplicity and complexity of our physical and psychological spaces, and our malleable relation to the world around us.

- Jay Davis

『人はテレビに映っているものに興味があるんじゃない。他のチャンネルで何が映ってるかに興味があるんだ。』 -ジェリー・サインフェルド



ユーザーはそれぞれのものをダビングして、ミックスしたりリミックスしたりしながら新たな作品へと変えていく。 異なる曲を混ぜ合わせ、そこに対立や面白いハイブリッドが生まれる。小説は『Pride and Prejudice and Zombies』[1]のように書き直され、子ども番組に重ねられる声、音楽、映画、音、すべてがサンプリングされ、ミックスされ、ひとつの平面上へと落とし込まれ、その一つの結果としてジェイ・ディビスの作品が生まれる。













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