Hiro Kurata
Home Field Disadvantage

March 15 - April 20, 2013

Portrait of a slugger

"Portrait of a Slugger 2"

7 It All Depends

"It All Depends"

Philosophy of Catching

"Philosophy of Catching"

Study of Cain and Abel

"Study of Cain and Abel"

"Portrait of Doug in progress"

Home Field Disadvantage

I walk along a street seeing each roadside tree.

Motus Fort is pleased to announce Hiro Kurata's Debut Solo exhibition in Tokyo. Hiro Kurata often paints a fantastic and binary world. Living between countries, he shares a multiple enthusiasm for each location. His doubled compositions tend to have a confused duel between disassociated sports while supplying a hybrid referee + baseball player instead of an umpire. These little discrepancies and alterations replicate the psyche's fantastic disregard for facts, churning up looming symbols that inspire emotion, but rarely bear out under scrutiny and attempts to assemble our mental puzzles. Much like dreams they are vivid, amazing but difficult to pin down and examine. Titles like Cain and Abel, hint at a deeper struggle; perhaps it is a struggle of the self trying to kill off a seemingly less acceptable iteration of being. The insistence of Slugger implies a hero of sorts, but instead of being another larger person, it is the form of ourself as a physical super-hero, a fan-pleasing, power hitter.

Stripes further this binary existence. The referee melds with striped suits of several baseball teams both from Japan and America. Fantasies are built upon the intermingling of dreams, TV, and reality, problems to be solved manifest themselves and our desire for protection is placed on physically empowered Sluggers. These paintings are part of Hiro Kurata's ongoing exploration with being in several places at once, mentally spiritually, and physically.

Hiro Kurata is a Japanese Painter living and working in New York. He graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2003. He portrays his personal childhood memories of Baseball players as his hero figure and relocates them in his paintings. His works have been published in Vice, Elephant Magazines, and Juxtapoz Magazines.


Motus Fortは慶んでヒロ・クラタの東京での個展デビューをお知らせいたします。ヒロ・クラタはしばしば風変わりな二元世界を描いています。国から国へ移り住むことで、各土地にさまざまな情熱を持ってきました。ヒロの二重構図は、つながりのないスポーツ間に困惑の勝負をもたらし、ひとりの野球審判の代わりにサッカー審判と野球選手を合体させたもの一体を配します。この小さな不一致と改造は、魂がすばらしく事実を無視するさまを模写しており、ぼんやりとあらわれるシンボルを撹拌します。そのシンボルは、感情を喚起しながらも、殆ど精査や思考パズルの組み上げの試みには堪えません。夢のように鮮やかで、素晴らしいものですが、はっきり説明し吟味するには難しいものです。「カインとアベル」といった題は、より深いところでの葛藤を示唆します。それはおそらく、一見してより受け入れがたい存在の反復を殺そうとする自身の葛藤でしょう。「スラッガー」への固執は、二流ヒーローを示唆します。それは、もうひとりのより偉大な人間になろうとするのではなく、身体的スーパーヒーロー、ファンを喜ばせるパワーヒッターであろうとするわたしたちのあり方なのです。


ヒロ・クラタはニューヨークに居住し制作する日本人画家です。2003年にパーソンズ美術大学を卒業しました。作品の中で、ヒーロー像としての野球選手たちという子供時代の思い出を描き、移しかえています。その作品はVice、Elephant Magazines、Juxtapoz Magazinesにおいて発表されています。