Susan Lipper

2008年12月19日(金)〜  2009年1月31日(土)

Friday, December 19, 2008 - Saturday, January 31, 2009

trailer stack
man with rabbit
dot car
nekkid boy


Motus Fortでは、スーザン・リッパーが世界的に知られることとなったプロジェクト、「Grapevine」を開催いたします。この度は、日本でのスーザン・リッパーの「Grapevine」プレミア・ショーとして、貴重なモノクロのヴィンテージプリントをセレクトいたしました。本展覧会は、スーザン・リッパーの作品の全容を日本において理解していただくために、Motus Fortが「Grapevine」から年代順に彼女の作品を展示していくシリーズです。





Motus Fort presents Susan Lipper's first internationally recognized project, Grapevine. This is Lipper's premiere showing of Grapevine in Japan, a selection of black and white, rare vintage photographs. The exhibition is part of an ongoing series of Lipper's work that Motus Fort plans on mounting in chronological order starting with Grapevine, in order to bring the public a better comprehension of her work as a whole in Japan.

Grapevine is a subjective documentary that foreshadows the staged theatrical work of Crewdson, and other 90's photographers who used real places and people to create imagined fictions. The photographs seek to define a new language outside of traditional documentary photographs, the photographs are not what they seem, they don't sit comfortably within the expected literacy of photography, but are manifestations of a collaboration.

In her own words; "The work only partially supposes that these are real people and not just fragments of my imagination and friends who appeared briefly before a lens aided by levels of collaboration, editing, and staging. The work is a subjective fable... a visual diary for my second home for 20 years." Grapevine is fueled by the Romantic concern of the noble savage, of a return to nature, the idea that outside the confines of the city exists something good and pure, and in pursuit of this sacred place where a new vision can be found... to discover America you discover yourself.

Susan Lipper currently resides in Manhattan and spends several months each year in Grapevine, West Virginia. She graduated from Yale's prestigious MFA program in 1983. Her work is in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, and New York Public Library, among others. Publications include "Grapevine", "trip", "Bed" and "Breakfast".